Nicotine Patches

A lovely little blog spot to share stories about nicotine patches and pictues of them!

Friday, July 21, 2006

A couple of new pics of patches

a close friend wearing a patch for me! how sweet! and above a patch from the same pack on my arm x

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yuk! Night Shifts!!!!!

I can't believe I'm on nights again! I am always on bloody nights. But good news is that I lost four pounds again this week! It's only 0850hrs here in the uk and I am off to bed very shortly. Right now it's 92 degrees in the back yard and the sun isn't even up yet.
Never mind thou, my A/C is on and I'm gonna put a fresh patch on and relax into my lovely chilled bed for a whole six hours of day time sleep. That will hopefully be laced with lots of colourful nicotine fuelled dreams and Jake Gyllenhal.

Will some one please read my blog and participate in it x

Monday, July 17, 2006

Nicquitin CQ Clear Patches are better in hot weather

After wearing the clear patches for a while now I think I am well placed to judge which are best in what situation... for instance, the big nicotinell round ones are great if ur going swimming as they stay stuck.

The piddly Nicorette ones are bad in all situations. They dont stick properly and they will fall off as soon as they get the chance.

The lovely 'Nicquitin CQ thinflex' ones are great for all situations. In the morning when you stick them on, warm them gently with the hair dryer for thirty seconds or so. they wont budge til you take it off later in the day. The hair dryer also makes it absorb a little quicker so be careful not to over do it or you'll get all the nasty effects of too much nicotine (not nice trust me). So my reccomendation for the hot smouldering summer is patch up with Nicquitin and you can't lose.

I spoke to my doctor this morning too, about my long term patch use. He says it's not good to be addicted to anything, but patches are better than smoking. He also said he understood why the patches were better than the colitis symptoms.