Nicotine Patches

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today it fell off!

I did the stupidest thing today. I woke up late for my "long day" (a fifteen hour shift) and I thought to myself "skip the usual routine of puttig two patches on to last the day, one will be fine". How little I learn.........

By lunch time in this smouldering heat it had come all un-stuck and had fallen off. Slipping down my leg from my hip. I had to go the whole day with no patch. And it wasn't an easy day. I just can't concentrate properly with out the patch, and I ate all day like a pig. And to cap it off I could feel my colitis symptoms creaping in by 17oohrs and by 1800hrs my tummy was in full 'cramp' mode.

It's okay now though, I'm sat here wearing two lovely nicquitin cq clear patches (21mg) and feeling very serene as I right this post for my blog. My bloated, hateful gut is back to it's normal football pitched size and tomo I'm having a duvet day x

why has no-one even read my blog so far? I'm very hurt :)