Nicotine Patches

A lovely little blog spot to share stories about nicotine patches and pictues of them!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little piccy of my little patchy! You can send your pics of patches to for publishing on this blog.

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The Wrokman, his yellow jacket and his three patches!

Today driving back from a friends i was stopped by a road worker controlling traffic flow. I was at the front of the que and he was stood right next to my window. I looked up and saw he was wearing three patches on his upper arm!
So I asked him what they were for. He laughed and said he was giving up smoking, then he said that he had three on because he liked the "feeling" they gave him. How bizarre? Surely three patches would poison you? i have worn two before and felt pretty good as a result.
I told the man I'd been on the patches for years now and they'd done me no harm, but I reminded him that nicotine was still a drug and he should be careful. He laughed and thanked me and I drove off!

Are there any other non-smokers who use nicotine patches out there? i'd like to talk to them if there are. Think about it, patches are "safer" than smoking. Google: 'james Marsters nicotine patch' (spike from buffy) and you see lots of pics of him wearing patches. If all the kids who started smoking this years were givenpatches at school by the nurse and a support programme imagaine how many lives we'd save in the future.
i think anyone who uses "cleaner" forms of nicotine should advocate them, like me x

Lovley patches

For years now i have worn the lovely patches, and I have never smoked in my life.

Three years ago I was suffering badly from a form of colitis, putting on loads of weight and feeling really down. I googled looking for a cure, a web forum was talking about using nicotine patches to help reduce their colitis syptoms. they all sounded so positive that I went straight to the chemist and bought some patches. The strongest ones I could find.

Since then I've lost 30lbs in weight, my colitis symptoms have reduced to practically nothing and I've never felt better physically or mentally. I've read alot around the subject and I know how nicotine bonds to dopamine receptors in the brain and I am fully aware of how addicted I am. i become a devil when I havent got one on!

But, still no-one nows I wear them. I hide it and I don't know why. So maybe having this little blog-spot will be the start to opening up about my nicotine use.